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Welcome to our guide on the top disc golf courses in Virginia! If you’re a disc golf enthusiast in search of the best courses in the state, you’ve come to the right place. Virginia is home to a vibrant disc golf scene, with a wide variety of courses that cater to players of all skill levels. From scenic parks to challenging layouts, there’s something here for everyone.

At Disc Flight Pro, we have carefully curated a list of the best disc golf courses in Virginia based on our expert picks. Whether you’re a local resident or visiting from out of town, these courses are definitely worth checking out. So grab your discs and get ready to explore the best that Virginia has to offer!

Key Takeaways:

  • Virginia is home to some of the best disc golf courses in the country.
  • There are a variety of courses available, from scenic parks to challenging layouts.
  • Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, there’s a course for you in Virginia.
  • Our expert picks will guide you to the top disc golf courses in the state.
  • Don’t miss out on the opportunity to experience the best that Virginia has to offer!

Discover the Splendor of Lake Marshall Disc Golf Complex

The Lair: A Journey Through Woods and Water

Lake Marshall Disc Golf Complex in Virginia offers disc golfers a remarkable experience surrounded by nature. One of the highlights is The Lair, a course that takes players on an exciting journey through the stunning woods and serene water features of Lake Marshall.

As you navigate the course, you’ll encounter challenging shots that require precision and strategy. The Lair provides disc golfers with breathtaking views and a truly immersive experience in the heart of Virginia’s natural beauty.

The Lions: Elevated Challenges and Lush Scenery

If you’re seeking an elevated disc golf challenge, look no further than The Lions at Lake Marshall Disc Golf Complex. This course offers a unique blend of elevated tees and challenging shots that will put your skills to the test. As you make your way through the course, you’ll be treated to lush scenery and panoramic views.

The Lions is a favorite among experienced disc golfers who appreciate the combination of challenging gameplay and stunning surroundings. Prepare to be captivated by the elevated challenges and natural splendor of The Lions.

The Charm of Hawk Hollow: Elevated Views and Farmhouse Scenery

Hawk Hollow is a disc golf course that combines elevated views with charming farmhouse scenery. This course offers a unique playing experience, with elevated tees and challenging shots that test players’ skills. The picturesque views and peaceful surroundings add to the charm of this Virginia gem.

Hawk Hollow disc golf course

Waller Mill: Where Nature and Challenge Intertwine

At Waller Mill disc golf course, players get the best of both worlds – an immersive natural setting and a thrilling challenge. This course is renowned for its ability to seamlessly blend the beauty of nature with the excitement of a demanding disc golf experience.

Heavily Wooded Layout with Ravine Shots

One of the defining features of Waller Mill is its heavily wooded layout. As players navigate through the course, they will find themselves surrounded by tall trees, creating a serene and tranquil ambiance.

However, don’t be fooled by the peaceful surroundings, as this course presents its fair share of challenges. With ravine shots scattered throughout, players must demonstrate their skill and precision to conquer the course’s demanding layout.

Scenic Lake Hazards That Challenge Even Seasoned Players

Adding to the complexity of Waller Mill are the scenic lake hazards that dot the course. These picturesque water features not only enhance the visual appeal of the course but also pose a significant challenge to even the most seasoned players.

Disc golfers must carefully strategize their shots and exhibit precise control to successfully navigate these scenic hazards.

So, if you’re seeking a disc golf course that brings together the beauty of nature and the thrill of a challenging game, Waller Mill is the perfect choice.

Take on the heavily wooded layout, conquer the ravine shots, and test your skills against the scenic lake hazards. This course offers an unforgettable disc golf experience for players of all levels.

Munden Point: Battling the Elements in Virginia Beach

Munden Point is a renowned disc golf course located in the picturesque city of Virginia Beach. This challenging course offers a unique experience for disc golfers by pitting them against the elements.

With its open layout and long fairways, players must navigate through a series of tree guardians and contend with the unpredictable weather conditions that arise from the nearby North Landing River.

The gusty winds that whip across the course add an extra layer of difficulty, requiring players to master their throws and adjust their strategies accordingly.

Munden Point disc golf course.

Playing at Munden Point is an exhilarating adventure, where every throw is filled with excitement and anticipation. This challenging course provides an opportunity for disc golfers to test their skills and overcome the obstacles that Mother Nature presents.

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a beginner looking for a thrilling challenge, Munden Point is a must-visit destination for disc golf enthusiasts in Virginia Beach.

The Best Disc Golf Courses in Virginia and Their Unique Characteristics

Virginia is home to numerous exceptional disc golf courses, each with its own unique characteristics. One of these courses is New Quarter, which offers woodland wonders and manicured fairways, providing a perfect balance of challenge and beauty.

Located in Williamsburg, New Quarter Disc Golf Course is nestled in a stunning natural setting. With its towering trees and picturesque landscapes, this course offers a truly immersive disc golf experience.

The woodland wonders of the course provide both a peaceful backdrop and challenging obstacles, making every throw an adventure. The manicured fairways ensure a smooth and enjoyable gameplay, creating the perfect blend of nature and design.

In addition to New Quarter, there are several other notable disc golf courses located on the I-64 Corridor in Virginia. These courses offer distinct layouts and challenges that attract disc golfers from near and far.

Disc Golf CourseLocation
Shenandoah Valley Disc Golf CourseCharlottesville
Idlewild Disc Golf CourseCovington
Angry Squirrel Disc Golf CourseRichmond
Mint Spring Disc Golf CourseStaunton

Each of these courses on the I-64 Corridor offers its own unique challenges and attractions. Whether it’s the stunning mountain views at Shenandoah Valley, the rugged terrain at Idlewild, the technical layout at Angry Squirrel, or the peaceful countryside setting at Mint Spring, disc golfers will find something to love on the I-64 Corridor.

Disc Golf Course Design: Comparing Frisbees and Disc Golf Discs

When it comes to disc golf course design, it’s important to understand the differences between Frisbees and disc golf discs. While both are designed for throwing, disc golf discs have a thinner profile and a sharper outer edge, making them more suitable for the sport. Disc golf discs are specifically designed to maximize distance, accuracy, and control, allowing players to navigate various obstacles and terrain on the course.

Compared to traditional Frisbees, disc golf discs offer a wider range of options and versatility. They come in different types that are designed for specific shots and flight characteristics. These disc types include drivers, mid-range discs, and putters.

Each type has distinct qualities, such as speed, stability, and glide, that influence how they perform on the course. This variety of discs allows players to tailor their throws to different course layouts and conditions.

Another key factor in disc golf course design is the selection of disc golf discs for specific holes and shots. Course designers take into consideration factors such as hole length, obstacles, elevation changes, and wind conditions.

By strategically placing baskets and tees and considering the capabilities of different disc types, designers can create challenging and engaging courses that provide a balanced mix of distance, accuracy, and shot variety.

Ultimately, the design of a disc golf course and the choice of discs play a crucial role in the overall experience for players. A well-designed course that takes into account the unique flight characteristics of disc golf discs can provide an exciting and enjoyable challenge for both beginners and experienced players alike.

So, whether you’re designing a course or selecting discs for your next round, understanding the nuances of disc golf course design and the differences between Frisbees and disc golf discs is essential for enhancing your disc golf experience.

A disc golf course design.

A Closer Look at Mayflower Hills: Ranked Among the World’s Best

Mayflower Hills is a disc golf course that has been ranked among the world’s best by UDisc. This course was designed by local disc golf enthusiasts, who carefully crafted unique layouts that feature elevation changes and picturesque woods. Mayflower Hills offers a challenging and visually stunning playing experience, making it a favorite among disc golfers both locally and globally.

Venturing into Virginia’s Thriving Disc Golf Scene

In this section, we will take a look at Virginia’s disc golf scene and highlight the vibrant community that makes it an exciting and welcoming destination for disc golf enthusiasts.

Virginia’s disc golf environment flourishes, boasting a robust and encouraging community of players. From grassroots clubs and engaging leagues to thrilling tournaments and events, a plethora of opportunities awaits disc golfers of every skill level. It’s a place to forge connections, refine your skills, and partake in spirited competitions, ensuring an inclusive and exhilarating experience for all.


In conclusion, Virginia offers some of the most remarkable disc golf courses in the country. With the breathtaking splendor of Lake Marshall Disc Golf Complex, the charming farmhouse scenery of Hawk Hollow, and the perfect blend of nature and challenge at Waller Mill, Virginia provides a diverse range of options for disc golfers of all skill levels. Whether you’re a resident or a visitor, exploring Virginia’s disc golf courses is a must for any enthusiast.

From the woods and water of The Lair at Lake Marshall Disc Golf Complex to the elevated challenges and lush scenery of The Lions, each course offers a unique playing experience that will test your skills and captivate your senses. The elevated views and manicured fairways of Hawk Hollow, as well as the heavily wooded layout and scenic lake hazards at Waller Mill, promise to provide both a visual feast and a thrilling round of disc golf.

Furthermore, Virginia’s vibrant disc golf scene is supported by a welcoming and passionate community of players. Whether you’re looking to compete in tournaments or join local clubs and leagues, there are plentiful opportunities to connect with fellow disc golfers and enhance your skills. So, gather your discs, embrace the challenge, and embark on a memorable disc golf adventure through the beautiful courses that Virginia has to offer.


What are the best disc golf courses in Virginia?

Some of the best disc golf courses in Virginia include Lake Marshall Disc Golf Complex, Hawk Hollow, Waller Mill, Munden Point, and Mayflower Hills.

What are the unique characteristics of Lake Marshall Disc Golf Complex?

Lake Marshall Disc Golf Complex offers two distinct courses, The Lair and The Lions. The Lair takes players on a journey through woods and water, while The Lions offers elevated challenges and lush scenery.

What makes Hawk Hollow special?

Hawk Hollow combines elevated views with charming farmhouse scenery, providing a unique playing experience for disc golfers.

What are the highlights of Waller Mill disc golf course?

Waller Mill features a heavily wooded layout with challenging ravine shots. The course also has scenic lake hazards that add an extra layer of challenge.

What is unique about Munden Point disc golf course?

Munden Point is known for its open layout and long holes. It offers the challenge of battling the elements, including harsh winds from the North Landing River.

Which disc golf courses are located on the I-64 Corridor?

The I-64 Corridor is home to several notable disc golf courses, each offering distinct layouts and challenges.

What is the difference between Frisbees and disc golf discs in course design?

Disc golf discs have a thinner profile and a sharper outer edge compared to Frisbees. These differences are considered when designing disc golf courses for optimal gameplay.

Why is Mayflower Hills ranked among the world’s best disc golf courses?

Mayflower Hills, designed by local disc golf enthusiasts, offers unique layouts with elevation changes and picturesque woods, providing a challenging and visually stunning playing experience.

How is the disc golf scene in Virginia?

Virginia has a thriving disc golf scene with a strong and supportive community of players. There are local clubs, leagues, tournaments, and events that offer opportunities for players of all skill levels to connect and compete.

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