Playing Disc Golf With Just One Disc: Is it Possible?

Playing disc golf with just one disc may seem challenging, but it is definitely possible. Many players choose to play rounds with only one disc as a way to simplify their game and focus on specific aspects of their technique.

In this article, I will explore the phenomenon of solo disc golf rounds and discuss the benefits of playing with just one disc. I will also provide tips for selecting the right disc for solo play and strategies for overcoming the challenges that come with limiting your disc selection.

Key Takeaways:

  • Playing disc golf with just one disc is possible and can be a valuable practice opportunity.
  • Solo disc golf rounds allow players to simplify their game and focus on specific aspects of their technique.
  • Choosing the right disc for solo play is crucial for optimizing performance.
  • Playing with one disc presents unique challenges, but strategies can be employed to overcome them.
  • Incorporating one-disc rounds into your regular disc golf routine can enhance your overall skills and performance.
A disc golfer using one disc throughout the whole course.

The Solo Disc Golf Round Phenomenon

Solo disc golf rounds have become increasingly popular among disc golfers of all skill levels. These rounds involve playing an entire round of disc golf using only one disc. The concept behind solo disc golf rounds is to simplify the game and focus on specific aspects of play, such as form, technique, strategy, and mental focus. Many players use solo rounds as a way to improve their skills, develop consistency, and gain a deeper understanding of their disc’s flight characteristics.

In solo disc golf rounds, players have the opportunity to dedicate their time solely to practicing and honing their disc golf skills. Whether it’s perfecting their driving technique, experimenting with different shot strategies, or refining their putting abilities, solo rounds provide a focused environment to work on specific areas of their disc golf game.

Playing with just one disc also allows players to become intimately acquainted with its flight characteristics. By throwing the same disc repeatedly, players can observe how it responds to different angles, speeds, and release points. This deep understanding of their disc’s flight path can be invaluable when strategizing and making shot selections during future rounds.

In addition to improving technique and strategy, solo disc golf rounds are an opportunity for players to enhance their mental focus and overall concentration. With fewer distractions and decisions to make, solo rounds provide a conducive environment for players to develop a heightened level of mindfulness and presence. By focusing solely on the current shot and being fully aware of their form, players can improve their focus and mental stamina.

The benefits of solo disc golf rounds can extend beyond the practice field. Many players find that the skills and insights gained from solo rounds transfer directly to their competitive play. By dedicating time to deliberate practice and targeted improvement, players can gain a competitive edge and enhance their overall performance in disc golf tournaments and casual rounds alike.

In the following sections, we will look deeper into the various aspects of solo disc golf rounds, including understanding the rules and strategies, selecting the right disc, and overcoming challenges that arise with playing with just one disc. Let’s explore the world of solo disc golf and unlock the potential of focused, intentional practice.

A lone figure standing on a disc golf course, surrounded by trees and bushes. They hold a single disc in their hand, surveying the terrain with a determined look on their face.

Can You Play Disc Golf With One Disc?

Understanding One-Disc Rounds

One-disc rounds are a specific type of solo disc golf round where players limit themselves to using only one disc for the entire round. While it may seem limiting, playing with just one disc can actually be a valuable practice opportunity.

It allows players to focus on their form and technique, develop consistency, and gain a deeper understanding of their disc’s flight characteristics. One-disc rounds also require players to develop strategic thinking and adapt to different course conditions using just one disc.

The Mental Benefits of Simplifying Your Game

Simplifying your game by playing with just one disc has various mental benefits. By removing the distractions of choosing different discs for each shot, players can focus more on the present moment and concentrate on executing each throw with precision. One-disc rounds require players to develop a strategic mindset, analyzing course conditions and shot options to make the most effective use of their single disc.

This promotes critical thinking, problem-solving, and decision-making skills. Additionally, the simplicity of one-disc rounds can help players find a state of flow, where they are fully absorbed in the game and perform at their best.

Picking the Right Disc for Solo Play

Selecting the right disc for solo play is crucial to optimize performance and enhance the overall experience. When choosing a disc for one-disc rounds, it is important to consider factors such as disc stability, weight, and personal preference. Mid-range discs and putters are commonly used in one-disc rounds due to their versatility and control.

Discs with neutral stability and a comfortable grip are preferred to handle various shot types and distances. It is recommended to experiment with different discs and find the one that feels comfortable and suits your throwing style.

Discraft BuzzzA mid-range disc known for exceptional control and accuracy. Suitable for short and long shots.
Axiom EnvyA dynamic putter that excels in versatility and consistency, allowing a wide range of shot shapes and distances.
Infinite Discs TombA versatile putter with consistent flight characteristics, suitable for a variety of shot shapes and distances.
Innova RocA reliable mid-range disc with a perfect balance of stability and glide, enabling precise technical throws.
MVP TangentA mid-range disc with excellent reliability and versatility, offering precise and controlled flight characteristics.

Challenges and Strategies for One-Disc Golfers

Playing with just one disc presents unique challenges for disc golfers. Limited disc selection means players must adapt to different shot types, distances, and course conditions using only one disc. This can be challenging when facing long drives, strong winds, or tight fairways. However, with the right strategies and techniques, one-disc golfers can overcome these limitations.

One strategy for optimizing performance with a single disc is discing down. This involves selecting a disc with less stability or a lower weight to achieve the desired flight path. It allows players to have more control and versatility in various shot scenarios.

Another valuable strategy is adjusting arm speed. By changing the speed at which you throw the disc, you can alter its flight characteristics. Slowing down the arm speed can generate a more understable flight, while increasing the arm speed can create more stability.

In addition to discing down and adjusting arm speed, utilizing different throws is crucial in one-disc rounds. Developing a diverse set of shots, including hyzers, anhyzers, and straight shots, is essential for navigating a variety of course layouts.

To visually demonstrate the challenges and strategies for one-disc golfers, we have created a table outlining common challenges and their corresponding strategies:

Long DrivesAdjust arm speed and utilize a disc with higher glide
Strong WindsDisc down to a more stable disc and throw into the wind
Tight FairwaysFocus on accuracy and utilize hyzer or anhyzer throws to navigate narrow spaces

By implementing these strategies and techniques, one-disc golfers can optimize their performance and overcome the limitations associated with playing with one disc. The key is to adapt and be mindful of the disc’s flight characteristics, course conditions, and shot selection.

In the next section, we will explore the top discs recommended for one-disc rounds, highlighting their features and benefits.

A minimalist set of disc golf equipment, consisting of just one disc, a water bottle, and a backpack for holding any other necessary items.

Top Discs for a One-Disc Round

When it comes to playing a one-disc round, certain discs have proven to be particularly versatile and reliable. Let’s take a look at some of the top discs that are highly recommended for solo disc golf.

The Mid-Range Marvel: Discraft Buzzz

The Discraft Buzzz is a mid-range disc that offers exceptional control and accuracy, making it a popular choice for one-disc rounds. Its straight flight and versatility make it suitable for both short and long shots. The Buzzz is known for its reliable consistency and is loved by players of all skill levels. With its reliable stability and comfortable feel, the Buzzz is a go-to disc for many disc golfers.

Dynamic Putters: Axiom Envy and Infinite Discs Tomb

When it comes to putters, the Axiom Envy and Infinite Discs Tomb are two dynamic discs worth considering for one-disc rounds.

The Axiom Envy putter is known for its versatility, offering a perfect blend of control and stability. Its flight characteristics allow for a wide range of shot shapes and distances, making it an excellent choice for one-disc rounds. The Envy provides consistent performance, whether you’re driving off the tee or putting around the basket.

The Infinite Discs Tomb putter is another reliable option for one-disc rounds. Its flight characteristics make it suitable for controlled shots and short drives. The Tomb offers a comfortable grip and consistent release, allowing players to execute various shots with confidence.

Technical Throws with the Innova Roc and MVP Tangent

If you’re looking to execute technical throws with precision, the Innova Roc and MVP Tangent are two mid-range discs that stand out.

The Innova Roc is a legendary disc known for its reliability and versatility. It offers a perfect balance of stability and glide, making it suitable for a wide range of shot types. The Roc’s flight characteristics allow players to shape shots with ease and navigate tight fairways with confidence.

The MVP Tangent is another mid-range disc that excels in technical throws. It offers a straight flight with minimal fade, allowing for precise control in any disc golf situation. The Tangent’s flight characteristics make it ideal for players looking to shape their shots and land with minimal deviation.

DiscBest ForFlight Characteristics
Discraft BuzzzOverall versatilityStraight flight, reliable stability
Axiom EnvyDriving and controlled shotsVersatile flight, consistent performance
Infinite Discs TombControlled shots and short drivesComfortable grip, consistent release
Innova RocTechnical throws and shaping shotsReliability, versatility
MVP TangentShaping shots with precisionStraight flight with minimal fade


Incorporating one-disc play into your regular disc golf routine can have numerous benefits for your game. By focusing on specific aspects of your technique, developing consistency, and refining your strategic thinking, you can improve your overall skills. One-disc rounds can be seamlessly integrated into your practice routine or enjoyed as occasional breaks from using a full bag of discs. These rounds provide an excellent opportunity to challenge yourself, enhance your skills, and gain a deeper understanding of disc flight.

It is crucial to evaluate the impact of one-disc rounds on your overall skills to measure your progress and assess performance improvements. This can be accomplished by tracking your scores, measuring shot distances, and observing changes in your form and technique. Regularly incorporating one-disc play and evaluating your progress will help you take your disc golf game to the next level.

So why not give one-disc golf a try? Whether you’re a beginner looking to hone your skills or an experienced player seeking new challenges, playing with just one disc can help you improve your technique, develop consistency, and enhance your strategic thinking. Take advantage of the benefits of one-disc play by incorporating it into your regular disc golf routine. Challenge yourself, measure your progress, and enjoy the unique experience of disc golfing with only one disc.

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