Aces in Disc Golf: How Common Are They?

Aces in disc golf are the holy grail of every player’s aspirations. Who wouldn’t want to achieve that perfect shot, the elusive hole-in-one on a disc golf course? But just how common are aces in the world of disc golf? Is it an achievable feat or a rare occurrence reserved for the most skilled players?

In this article, we will dive into the statistical data to uncover the true frequency of aces in disc golf. By examining survey results and comparing them to traditional golf, we aim to shed light on the commonality of this remarkable achievement and challenge any preconceived notions about its rarity.

So, get ready to explore the world of disc golf aces and discover the truth behind their prevalence. Are you ready to be amazed?

Key Takeaways:

  • Aces, or hole-in-ones, are the pinnacle of success in disc golf.
  • Disc golf aces are relatively common compared to traditional golf.
  • Playing frequency and skill level can influence a player’s chances of scoring an ace.
  • Surveys and statistical data provide insights into the frequency and rarity of aces in disc golf.
  • Exploring the factors that influence ace rates can enhance our appreciation for this remarkable feat.

How Common Are Aces in Disc Golf?

Aces, or hole-in-ones, are the pinnacle of success in disc golf. To gauge their commonality, we need to examine the data. According to the State of Disc Golf survey, 44.2% of respondents reported achieving an ace in 2018. This indicates that aces are relatively common in disc golf compared to traditional golf, where only 1-2% of ball golfers secure an ace each year. With several aces captured on camera at top disc golf events, it’s evident that aces are more prevalent in the sport.

A disc golf basket standing amidst a lush green field with a bright blue sky in the background.

When it comes to disc golf, achieving an ace is a remarkable accomplishment that showcases exceptional skills and precision. The statistics from the State of Disc Golf survey highlight the relatively high occurrence of aces in the sport, with nearly half of the respondents reporting an ace in 2018. This rate of success sets disc golf apart from traditional golf, where hole-in-ones are much rarer.

The higher rate of aces in disc golf can be attributed to several factors. Disc golf holes are typically shorter than traditional golf holes, making it easier to hit the target and land an ace. Additionally, the design of disc golf discs allows for more controlled flight paths, increasing the chances of hitting the basket with precision.

The prevalence of aces in disc golf is further emphasized by the multitude of video footage capturing these incredible shots at top disc golf events. From famous players to amateurs, disc golf aces have become a captivating aspect of the sport, thrilling both players and spectators alike.

Exploring the Rarity of Aces in Disc Golf

Aces, or hole-in-ones, in disc golf are not as common as one might think. While they do occur more frequently compared to traditional golf, they still maintain a level of rarity that adds to their allure. According to the statistics gathered from the State of Disc Golf survey, 55.8% of respondents did not achieve an ace in 2018, indicating that aces are not a daily occurrence for most disc golfers.

However, it is worth noting that disc golf aces happen at a significantly higher rate than their traditional golf counterparts. In fact, many disc golfers report achieving multiple aces in a single year, with some even reaching impressive numbers like 8, 9, or even 10+ aces. This startling contrast in ace statistics between disc golf and traditional golf demonstrates the unique appeal and excitement that disc golf brings to the table.

The Surprising Frequency of Disc Golf Aces

 Disc GolfTraditional Golf
Percentage of Players Achieving Aces44.2%1-2%
Average Number of Aces in a YearMultiple, up to 10+Rare

The above table clearly illustrates the surprising frequency of aces in disc golf compared to traditional golf. While nearly half of disc golfers report achieving an ace, only a small fraction of ball golfers secure this feat each year. Additionally, disc golfers frequently experience multiple aces in a single year, reflecting the unparalleled excitement and skill involved in the sport.

Comparing Aces: Disc Golf vs. Traditional Golf

When comparing aces in disc golf to traditional golf, the disparity becomes even more apparent. Disc golf aces happen at a much higher rate, making them a more achievable goal for players. While aces in traditional golf are often considered rare and monumental achievements, disc golf provides a greater opportunity for players to experience the exhilarating feeling of sinking their disc into the basket with a single throw.

Factors Influencing Your Chances of Scoring an Ace

Scoring an ace in disc golf is an impressive accomplishment, but what factors influence your chances of achieving this feat? Let’s dive into the key elements that can impact your probability of getting aces in disc golf.

The Impact of Playing Frequency on Ace Rates

Playing frequency plays a significant role in determining your chances of scoring an ace in disc golf. The more rounds you participate in, the higher the probability of achieving this remarkable milestone. According to survey data, players who engage in disc golf once a week or less have a 21% chance of hitting an ace. On the other hand, those who play every day experience a slightly lower possibility of just 18%. This indicates that the frequency at which you play can influence your rate of aces in disc golf.

Understanding the Role of Skill Level in Achieving Aces

Another crucial factor that affects ace rates in disc golf is your skill level. Professionals, with their extensive experience and expertise, are more likely to achieve aces compared to beginners. Their ability to control disc flight and throw accurate shots significantly increases their probability of getting aces in disc golf. However, this doesn’t mean that beginners can’t score a hole-in-one. It simply indicates that skill level plays a role in achieving this impressive feat.

Regional Variations in Disc Golf Ace Statistics

Disc golf ace statistics can vary across different regions, providing fascinating insights into geographical factors that contribute to the frequency of aces in specific areas. Factors such as course design, weather conditions, elevation changes, and even cultural influences can affect the rate of aces in certain regions. Exploring these regional variations can offer valuable perspectives on the unique aspects of disc golf in different locations.

A disc golfer taking a shot at a basket.

As shown in the image above, there are several factors that influence your chances of scoring an ace in disc golf. By considering playing frequency, skill level, and regional variations, you can gain a better understanding of the probability of achieving this incredible feat. Disc golf is a dynamic sport with its own set of statistics, and uncovering insights into disc golf scoring average and achieving aces enhances your overall appreciation for the game.


Aces in disc golf are an exhilarating accomplishment that every player dreams of achieving. While they may not be as common as some players hope, the data shows that they occur more frequently in disc golf compared to traditional golf. This adds to the excitement and appeal of the sport.

Factors such as playing frequency and skill level can significantly influence a player’s chances of securing an ace. The more rounds a player participates in, the higher their chances of hitting that perfect shot. Additionally, skilled players, especially professionals, have a greater probability of achieving aces compared to beginners.

Understanding the rarity and influencing factors of aces in disc golf allows us to appreciate this remarkable feat even more. Each throw brings you closer to joining the ranks of the fortunate disc golfers who have experienced the exhilaration of a hole-in-one. So, don’t be disheartened if you haven’t yet scored an ace. Keep practicing, and with determination, your moment of disc golf glory may be just around the corner.

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